HTML Email Template Examples: The Silver Bullet In Email Marketing

Email marketing forms part of a successful digital marketing campaign. However, some campaigns do not fail because your product is not impressive. The problem is usually with a non-responsive email. You need an email that is responsive such that it opens and appears impressive regardless of the platform it will be viewed. The email must be easy to read on all operating systems and internet devices.

Why Use Email Templates

Email marketing campaigns are supposed to take advantage of a seasonal moment. This calls for great speed when designing and executing your campaign. You want to spend the shortest time creating marketing newsletters and sending the emails so that most of the time goes to preparing the content and polishing your product. Other processes of sending messages include addressing the emails, creating headings, formatting, signing the messages, etc. What if you found a way of doing all these tasks in a single click?

With a template, your focus is on creating the best content as opposed to including the addressees and formatting. You do not have to repeat the same process over and over. A single button click is enough to send a uniform message to all your clients.

The message sent during campaigns should be uniform regardless of the recipient. This is important in giving your brand a uniform and consistent image. It is impossible to achieve this if all your emails and messages have to be drawn afresh every time you send. This is why you should design email template to be used throughout your campaign.

When you spend more time focusing on your message and the product you are promoting, you offer better services and products to consumers. Every customer will want the best product available in the market. It allows you to pay attention to your clients and their needs instead of wasting time on messaging.

Templates are a perfect opportunity to save time, money and resources. It takes less time to get your campaign completed. You do not have to tie your personnel to desks for weeks trying to design emails every time you are running a campaign. Your personnel will be engaged in other duties that are more profitable to your business. This makes templates the best marketing tool when you need to run a successful campaign especially with a small team. Everyone is engaged in improving the product other than creating emails.

Mailto provides readymade templates that are extensively tested and proven to be effective. They have been tested over different devices and messaging platforms to ensure that they are responsive. The email templates are also versatile and can be used to market different products and services. You click and use a template based on the product that you wish to promote. It is an opportunity to send a unique email for each product. It gives your client a sense of uniqueness and customized communication as opposed to sending a similarly formatted message for all products and clients.

Why Use Modern Email Templates For Your Marketing Campaign
A message is as important as what is used to deliver it. The appearance of a message in the inbox of the recipient is as important as the message being delivered. Modern email templates use elaborate designs to make them impressive for use to market any product or service. With over 50 designs to choose from, your marketing campaign will be driven by responsive emails that save you time and resources used in creating and preparing for marketing campaigns.

As technology changes, you want an email that is responsive and can be viewed over all platforms in the market today. Older templates would cause the loss of images, graphics and distortion to text. With modern designs and coding, the templates maintain all the features regardless of the platform where the email will be opened.

Modern templates are also designed professionally. All details that should form part of a communication protocol are included. With a professional email template all communications getting to your client will effective and represent your brand. This helps to build confidence in your goods and services.

Part of professional development of email templates includes extensive testing. Mailto templates are extensively tested with the aim of improving their performance and responsiveness on different platforms. Your campaign will appear as you wanted it to regardless of the device that the client is using to access the emails.

A professional and modern brand appreciates the need to be consistent. Consistency should be shown in terms of messages sent to different clients, images used, formatting of the message, etc. It is difficult to achieve this level of consistency if each message will be drafted individually.

A professional email is represents the brand in a unique manner. This eliminates the need to use the same template over and over. The fact that you have numerous templates to choose from means that you use a unique platform for each product on your portfolio. Whether you are selling books, homes, electronics, etc, you have a unique yet professional way to communicate to potential clients. You just pick a template from the collection instead of having to take the baby steps of coding.

Communicating for business purposes does not have to be mundane. The templates are designed creatively to make them impressive and compelling to readers. You even have the perfect template to send birthday cards, book a new apartment, etc. The design ensures that the receiver falls in love with your brand upon coming into contact with your email. The emails integrate perfectly with in-built links to enable you serve the clients perfectly.

The professional template allows you to simply replace sections that are not relevant to your campaign without having to go to basic coding. This means that your internal team will be engaged more in improving your product as opposed to working on emails every time you have a campaign to run. You just need to copy the content and paste it on the template, ready for distribution to clients and recipients. This does not affect the layout of your message. As such, you will maintain an impressive level of consistency.

Cool Email Templates For An Effective Digital Marketing Campaign

When handling email marketing, your relationship and campaign will be made or broken by the layout and design. It is the design that captures the mind and imagination of a reader. The design will also determine how long a person stays on the page.

An email that well designed will improve reader engagement with your content. The design determines whether the person clicks on the links provided or not. It also determines whether the person makes the buyer decision and how soon this decision will be made.

With a good template, the simple act of copying and pasting on the template still ensures that your message is easy to read on mobile, desktop and the latest devices in the market. The template does not change your message or the way this message is communicated. As such, a simple step like developing a template for your emails will overhaul your marketing campaign. What other benefits can you expect when you use templates for your emails?

1. Saves time and resources – executing your campaign with cool email templates is a matter of minutes. You do not waste weeks and tie down your personnel designing emails for your campaign. This time is redirected elsewhere, including improving the quality of your product.

2. Keeps your communications consistent and professional- designing a new email every time you communicate means that clients will be receiving different designs and appearances. This will affect their confidence in your products and services. Brands are given a chance to maintain a consistent voice across products, clients and communication through templates.

3. Fewer errors during communications- templates are already set as opposed to coding from the beginning every time you want to run a campaign. Beginning the process of codding or creating emails from scratch exposes you to errors. Such errors will affect your business and may cost you money. By using a template, the possibility of errors reduces and in the process raising the quality of your communication.

4. Eases the process of repeat campaigns- Christmas will always come and so will summer, winter, etc. Marketing during such seasons is always consistent and uniform. As such, you do not need to build your campaign a fresh from the beginning. With a template, a few clicks will get your campaign on the road in the shortest time possible.

5. Perfect communication all the time- once you have identified the template that suits your products or services, you stick with it to the end. Since you are comfortable with its quality, you will always communicate perfectly and consistently all the time. This helps you build confidence in your brand.

The Most Responsive Email Templates In The Market Today

Using a responsive email template makes the reception of your message more effective. Recipients will fall in love with your email and be more willing to engage. An email that fails to respond to a device or mailing app is irritating to the receiver. Since Mailto has tested all its templates and ascertained their responsiveness, you are sure that your recipient will fall in love with your message and thus engage better. This will lead to exponential growth in number of clicks to your website.

Mailto email templates are professionally developed with the client and recipients in mind. The templates are tested intensely to ensure that they are responsive. You choose a template that suits your business idea, model, products and services. You get the best template at a customized price, eliminating the need to pay for templates or services you will not be using.

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