Hilarious Email Marketing Blunders

Well, we know that nobody is perfect but then, it never hurts to laugh at another man's sorrow. At least, not in this case. In the Email marketing world, blunders are not strange, but some of them can be so unforgiving that you can help but sigh in relief hoping that you never find yourself making one.

Without further ado, let's take you through some of the most comical email marketing blunders that we have come across. From some of the biggest companies like Amazon to the small and aspiring entrepreneur still testing out how the whole email marketing stuff even works. However, there are lessons to be learnt here, ensure that you always test out your email marketing messages on a variety of platforms first before sending them out to customers. Else, you risk adding yourself to this list, and boy we could do with even more comic relief.

Here they are, the email marketing mistakes that stood out so bad that we threw out all our sense of compassion out of the window and laughed so hard that our ribs hurt.
1. It really does not get any formal than being addressed as; "Dear </FirstName>"

I got an email from the Digital Marketing Institute (yes) starting with "Dear {FirstName}". Nothing is more touching than an email that says 'Dear {FIRST NAME},"

To make matters even worse, you get hit with this when you check your email.

2. Alpha, Beta, Charlie, I repeat, Wrong target! Wrong target! Do not engage… but we already have sir……

"From a person who works with a large 1M+ mailing list. And there were bloopers even with triple checking. Like adding one extra 0 in the offer or messing up segments which ended up with some people receiving an empty email (only logo and footer)."

Well, this is no military drill, but the Amazon staff that sent this baby registry emails to people just busy living their "babyless" must have been screaming, wrong target, immediately after hitting the send email button.
3. Okay, we get the message, so, What next?

"Just what you want to see after you click on an activation link in an email."
…Well what's next is that the hyperlink included in the email leads to nowhere. Yes, just a broken link begging for bandages. Apparently, this email was sent out to thousands of customers, but the activation link in the email was a broken link with a 404 error. What a waste of several valuable lead! I can hear Uncle Tom scream how dare they waste my time and scramble for the unsubscribe button….
4. Spell checks can be deceiving sometimes….

"Just sent someone 'War Regards'.. bet this was a first for them .. haha !"

"I sent an email starting with "Dead Simon" I meant "Dear Simon" haha he was not so impressed "

Or when you know what you want to type but just don't know how to type it……

How the absence of one comma ruined it all……
5. <insert click bait title here> now that's a very catchy email headline

"Thanks for the 'clickbait' email @Topman and yes 'we do read it'"

Here, there is a subject of another subject in the subject line……
6. Finally… A truly honest Email name

If your email platform displays the name of your email lists every time a customer unsubscribes, then maybe you should settle for something a bit more pleasant next time.
Or when the images chose to stay at home….
The entire aim of this piece is to show you that these errors can happen, especially when you do not test and proofread your email marketing copy before you send them out. If you've made any of such email marketing howlers in the past, be sure to let us know, we would love to laugh at your pain too.

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